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Braces and Food

How to avoid unnecessary breakages of braces & appliances

Braces and Food It is very important to maintain healthy teeth and gums by eating a well balanced diet which will provide the necessary nutrients for growth and maintenance of a healthy mouth.

How to avoid unnecessary breakages of braces & appliances:

Please remember that the appliance or you braces are cemented to your teeth, therefore high tension or force will break the cement and dislodge your appliance or brace. Frequent breakage will delay your treatment. To avoid this use the following guide to prevent unnecessary breakage. This will allow us to follow our treatment time line.


  • Avoid extra force on your braces. Please don’t put fingers into the mouth for either nail biting or playing with the wires and braces. Also avoid biting onto hard objects such as pencils and pens.

  • Please eliminate sticky foods from your diet (such as toffee, caramels, chewing gum, licorice, jellybeans, and sour balls).

  • Don’t bite into hard food or vegetables. Cut your sandwich into small pieces. Also meat should be cut from the bone, not eaten off the bone as well as corn. Cut apples, nectarines, peaches, and pears into slices and carrots into fine sticks.

  • Please don’t use your teeth to crush ice cubes or crack nuts.

  • Hard rolls and buns should be broken up before eating, and please avoid the pizza crust.

  • We recommend that you avoid soft drinks. They not only provide ANY nutrition, but are also increase the risk of cavities due to their acidity and sugar!

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Dr. Dorrin Nilforoushan, D.M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.D.(c)

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