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Meet the newest members of our family

Invisalign Certified Connectivity

No more messy, goopy impressions using traditional molds

Quick impressions are taken in one appointment

Pain-free scanning

Accurate 3D technology is used to create the most precise aligners


iTero Element 2 - Innovation to visualization

Laird Orthodontics is a proud user of the iTero oral scanning system! This revolutionary technology is a 3D intra-oral digital scanner which builds a computer-generated model of an orthodontic patient’s teeth.


Meet the Newest Members of our Family


Invisalign Certified Connectivity

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment for Everyone - Interest-FREE Financing up to 22 Months - ZERO Down Payment for your Treatment - LOW Monthly Payments - $500 off if Total Fee is Paid Upfront -​ FREE retention for one year!

We follow up our patient even one year after the braces are off for FREE to make sure you maintain your perfect and new smile!

Our intuitive digital solution

  • Offer a better patient experience during the orthodontics setup process, especially with Invisalign

  • The new scanning technology allows patients to view simulated outcomes of their orthodontic treatment before they start.

  • The 3D digital impressions are loaded into the simulator and the model of the teeth is moved and adjusted based on the scheduled treatment. This way patients can see in advance how their smile will look.

  • The iTero technology captures complete tooth images in a 3D format. A wand gently rests on teeth for easy scanning without discomfort.

Contact Laird Orthodontics Today!

If you have any additional questions about iTero for Invisalign in Toronto, please give us a call at 416-662-2555 and we would be happy to assist you. We hope to see you in our office soon and look forward to making you a part of our Laird Orthodontics family!

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